Kevin Frith

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Emerging from challenged community and economic circumstances as a child, Kevin Frith has over time risen to become a businessman who has charted successful endeavours in several areas of entrepreneurship, leading to his largest and most pronounced venture to date.

Back in a depressed lower St Andrew community, young Frith endured some extremely challenging childhood circumstances, but did not despair. He fought his way almost single- handedly to attain an education and position himself to take on the world of business; something which became his central focus from very early in life.

Consequently, after high school in Jamaica and subsequent training in both mechanical engineering and engineering (technical) drawing on the island, he left for the United States and forged his way into the business arena, firstly and interestingly, in consultancy.

Without much formal experience or exposure in the field, he was able to establish a business consultancy. The company – The Wizard of Business – advised Jamaican-Caribbean businesses mainly in Connecticut and New York on business development, and was operated from 2009 to 2012.

From there, Frith has racked up over 12 successful years as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

After tasting success in the US, he came back to Jamaica where he started Worldwide Novelty and, separately, Bar Central, in 2012. Worldwide Novelty was able to secure a licence to manufacture and sell Jamaica 50 memorabilia. The company also manufactured corporate souvenirs for both Jamaican companies and Jamaican-connected entities in the US.

Bar Central began after securing a contract from Wray and Nephew Limited, and was expanded in 2017 with contracts from GraceKennedy, Lasco and Seprod, among other distributive entities.

Bar Central was responsible for a large array of community bars and shops pertaining to events around marketing and distribution of the products from the companies with which the contracts were held.

In 2019, Kevin Frith started Credit Repair International, which was the first credit repair company across the Caribbean.

He also started Ideas Execution analogous to Bar Central in 2020, after resigning from Bar Central that year.

With an appetite for real estate development, Frith launched TCF Holdings Limited in 2020 to streamline the high-end Sun Coast Beach Club real estate development in 12 Miles, St Thomas.

Mr. Frith is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TCF Holdings Limited, which is well into the Sun Coast Beach Club development. Sun Coast comprises of 396 units (townhouses, duplexes, apartments, and villas) in a resort-inspired, luxury setting and will include so many amenities that it will undoubtedly be the most complete real estate development in the country and likely the wider region.

Aside from his personal businesses, Mr. Frith has been involved in wider business representation. For example, he was a director of the Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) from 2008-2010, with responsibility for membership within the association. In August 2022, Frith was co-opted back to the board of the SBAJ and now serves on the Membership and Public Relations Committee.

In addition, Frith has been a member of the Private Sector Association of Jamaica (PSOJ) since 2007, and proudly received an award from the association in 2008 for creating sustainable employment.

Currently, he is in the process of starting a foundation that will specifically target youths who innately possess technical skills, are innovative, artistic, and inventive, but who need empowerment, support, and mentorship.

Over the years in business, Kevin Frith has established an exceptional network of high-level contacts, mainly in New York, Europe, China, Canada, Brazil, and Jamaica.

CEO Contact: 876-878-2750